The National Auctioneers Association (NAA) offers several different education designations to their members. One of the designations offered is the Certified Estate Specialist (CES).

According to the NAA’s website, the CES designation is designed to prepare designees to run a successful Estate Specialist business. Attendees learn marketing, intensive people skills (as they often deal with families in crisis), advanced networking skills, and auction methods.

One of the standout elements of this designation is its attention to nonauction methods of liquidating personal property. The designation discusses tag sales, donations and other ways of selling/liquidating, whether on your own or through a network of other professionals.

Now that you know what the CES designation is, let’s see how a Certified Estate Specialist can help you and your loved ones. Sarah Boss, who holds the CES designation in our office, has been trained in comprehending and interpreting the many different documents that are required settling an Estate. She also understands that the auction process can be challenging for some sellers and loved ones during a time of crisis or transition.

If you would like more information on settling an Estate via the auction method or any other questions about Estates and Auctions, please contact our office at, or (573) 474-9295.