There are many ways we are able to inform you about our auctions. One way is to join our email list. According to a Radicati Group study from February 2015, there are about 2.5 billion email users worldwide. ( That study is 2 years old, so you can imagine how big that number is now. We’ve found that sending emails is a great way to keep our potential buyers and sellers aware of our auctions.


If you haven’t joined our email list yet, there are several spots where you can easily join. The easiest way would be to just CLICK HERE. This will take you directly to the sign up form. You can also click the JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST tab on our blog. The other way to join our email list is to click the SIGN UP button on our website. Not for sure where it’s located on the website? Look at the picture below!


email sign up pic


You are also automatically added to our email list if you register for any of our auctions. We want to clarify something before we move on. The emails you receive when joining our email list are completely separate from the emails you receive when you’ve been outbid, you’re the current high bidder or your invoice at the end of a personal property auction. You cannot unsubscribe from the outbid and/or high bidder notices or our invoices. These are sent to you for information during the auction and afterwards.


When you join our email list, you’re able to choose the different categories for emails you’d like to receive. They range from Real Estate, Estates, Online Auctions, Tools, Guns and many more! When you’ve registered for an auction, we will automatically add your email to the email list category that best fits the auction you’ve attended. For example, if you registered for a gun auction, we will add you the gun email list. If you registered for a Real Estate auction, we will add you the Real Estate email list. You can always safely unsubscribe from these emails. When you receive the email, just scroll to the bottom and click SafeUnsubscribe™.


Not receiving our emails? Make sure to check your Spam / Junk folders. Also, make sure you have added to your safe senders list. This will assure you’ll receive our emails. Still not receiving our emails? Feel free to contact our office anytime you have an issue.


We send out 3 different types of auction email notifications. They are a Weekly Auction Notification, a Weekly Real Estate Auction notification and a specific Auction Notification. Let’s break down all three!


The Weekly Auction Notifications are sent on Monday mornings to everyone on our email list. The email contains a listing of all the current auctions for the next four to five weeks. You are able to click the auction heading of each individual auction or their picture. By doing this, it will take you directly to our website. This email is also published on our Atterberry Auction and Realty Co. LLC Facebook page around 12:00PM on Mondays.


The Weekly Real Estate Auction Notifications are sent on Friday mornings to anyone who is on any of our Real Estate email lists. These lists include Real Estate, Acreage, Building Lots, Commercial Real Estate, Duplexes & Apartments, Foreclosure & Bank Real Estate, and Land. This email contains only the current Real Estate Auctions for the next four to five weeks. One Real Estate Auction is featured weekly at the top of the email. Under the featured auction info, there is a list of all other current Real Estate Auctions with a brief summary of important info. You can click on the address of the property or the picture of the property to go directly to the website. This email is also published on our Atterberry Auction and Realty Co. LLC Facebook page around 12:00PM on Fridays.


The last type of auction email notification is for a specific auction. These emails are sent out usually on Open House or preview dates, auction ending dates or other important dates, depending on the auction. These emails are only sent out to people who have registered for the auction or anyone on the email category list for the type of auction in question. We usually try to send these emails out in the morning.


One final note for everyone reading! If you have not opened, clicked or otherwise engaged in our emails for over 8 weeks, we will remove you from our email lists. If you find that you have been removed from the email list and still want to receive our emails, you can re-sign up following the steps described above. By interacting or engaging with the emails on a regular basis, you will remain on the email lists.


If you have any questions concerning our email lists and notifications, please feel free to contact our office!